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We are a spiritual community that believes that God’s life is the life in us, and in every aspect of creation. We believe that God’s intention was and is to create a diverse world of form and color to express Itself.


We believe God’s intention for Its creation is good, and only good. And we believe the essence of God – the qualities of God – are a part of our individual make up, that our experience of life is the way we come to realize who we truly are as expressions of God’s life.

Whatever path you followed to find your way here, you are welcome!


Everyone is on the path of discovering their connection with God or Spirit, and working to find their reason for being, their gift to the world. At Center for Spiritual Living Los Gatos, we support each other as members of a growing community: growing individually in our relationship with God or Spirit, growing in our understanding and application of spiritual principles in our personal lives; growing as a community that practices what we believe and teach, and growing in our ability to serve the greater community.


Our teaching embraces the philosophy that God, or Spirit, has only good intentions for Its creation. In times when we are challenged by news reports from around the world, as well as challenges in our own lives, we acknowledge the existence and reality of whatever is happening, and then turn our focus on the possibilities of positive outcomes. Faith in the goodness of the Creator underlies all of our teaching, and leads us away from focusing attention on stressful situations to a more even, peaceful state of mind and body. We utilize the tools of prayer, affirmation and meditation to move our minds away from agitation to a place of calm  assurance, and trust.


We invite you to join us at service, in class, or at one of our events, to learn more about the philosophy and teaching of the Science of Mind and how applying its principles can change not only your way of thinking, but your life.


With great love and blessings,
Rev. Alice Carpenter
Spiritual Director/Pastor

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